About Earthen Organics

Certified SC Grown

Earthen Organics is a family owned and operated business, producing quality worm castings (organic soil amendment) in Upstate South Carolina. In 2012, Kristen and Anthony Beigay started producing worm castings as a hobby, but in early 2013, Kristen was laid off from her job in the financial field after the market downsized and she decided to pursue her passion for this amazing product full-time. From these humble beginnings Earthen Organics was born, with an emphasis on family -- including an inheritied love of worms from a great grandfather (who also had a worm farm) -- and an entreprenuerial spirit. Kristen now runs the business full-time with part-time help from Anthony and their two children.

Worm castings are a natural soil amendment that you add to the soil when planting or brew into a tea to spray on plants. With small amounts mixed into the soil, plants grow larger and healthier. Visit our Why Worm Castings page to learn more about nature's own nutrient-rich plant food.