Our Process

Our family's land in Upstate SC
Our worm castings are made on our family's land in beautiful Upstate South Carolina. It's an entirely natural process, that begins by hot composting horse manure that we recycle from local stables. Hot composting kills pathogens and produces a very fine compost. We then add this compost to our worm bins. We have several 4'x8' flow through bins. They're called flow through bins because you add the composted manure to the top of the bin, the worms process it, and then the worm castings flow out the bottom of the bin when they're ready. Our bins contain red wiggler worms, which are great for composting. The process takes approximately 45 days. Once we harvest the worm castings from the bins, we use a 12' rotating trommel to screen the castings -- first through a 1/8" screen, followed by an 1/4" screen. The finer the screen on the trommel, the higher concentration of pure worm castings the customer receives. By using the 1/8" screen, our worm castings are a higher quality product than most producers who use only the 1/4" screen. Our Products

We recycle local horse manure
Our "flow-through" bins
Our worms are mostly Red Wigglers
Worms process the manure
12' rotating trommel
Final worm castings