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I never had any success with growing geraniums until I used worm castings. What a difference I see after using it. All of my plants appear to be much happier this season. It will definitely be a staple item for my gardening hobby. On my second gallon...very happy!

Regina N.


  • Promotes & Increases Healthy Root Growth
  • Restores Beneficial Microorganisms to Soil
  • Reduces Pest & Pathogen Damage
  • All Natural & Environmentally Friendly
  • High Level Moisture Retention
  • Odor Free
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Neutral pH

This past spring, we did a trial with tomato plants to compare the effects of Earthen Organics worm castings mixed into the soil versus no treatment. The differences were astounding. The Earthen Organics plants produced a much larger and stronger stem/trunk and also showed a much earlier bloom time as opposed to the regular soil we use. The plants were also approximately 4-6 inches higher in growth at the 3 week mark. We highly recommend Earthen Organics.

Eric Hunter
Hunter Farms, Easley, SC

I bought my first container of worm castings at the Easley Farmer's Market several weeks ago. I have to say that I had doubts that the product would work so well to help plants grow, keep them healthy and keep white flies off my tomato plants (which is the first plants I used it on). I've had a problem with white flies since we moved here 14 years ago, so I was very skeptical. But, to my surprise, the worm castings that I purchased from Kristen at Earthen Organics has kept the white flies off! This was the only thing that I did differently this year with my tomato plants, so I feel it has to be the worm castings. The tomato plants are so strong and healthy that I decided to put the worm castings on all of my other herbs and flowers, and it has really made a big difference. All of my plants are doing fantastic this year! I've now purchased four of the large containers (2 gallons), and I highly recommend the product to anyone who wants to grow strong, healthy, pest-free plants.

Judy Fulmer
Easley, SC

I bought a bucket of your "stuff" at the Spring Fair in our neighborhood. Attached is a pic of sunflowers. The one on the left had the benefit of your product when I planted the seeds. The one on the right didn't. You said you would like pics so I thought I would share one. This is my first garden in several years so I was excited to treat all over. So far so good!

C & D Henninger
Sandy Springs, SC

The attached photo shows how our plants looked when we first added Earthen Organics, then roughly 3 weeks after that first application. At about 6 weeks we again added Earthen Organics to the top of our soil and now you see the results some 7-8 weeks out. We love the product and will continue to add it to our little fun garden project. Thanks again for a great natural product that really works!

Daryl & Tammy Decker
Simpsonville, SC

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