Why Worm Castings?


  • Promotes & Increases Healthy Root Growth
  • Restores Beneficial Microorganisms to Soil
  • Reduces Pest & Pathogen Damage
  • All Natural & Environmentally Friendly
  • High Level Moisture Retention
  • Odor Free
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Neutral pH

See the Difference?

The two tomato plants pictured here are a visual representation of why Earthen Organics worm castings are Mother Nature's plant food. The plant on the left was planted in regular potting soil. The potting mixture for the plant on the right was 90% potting soil and 10% worm castings. These tomato plants were planted on the same day, and 3 1/2 weeks later - the difference is clear; the plant with 10% worm castings has a thicker stalk, bigger leaves, and already has blooms. Just a small amount of worm castings mixed into the potting soil produces larger, healthier plants. We filter our worm castings using an 1/8" screen so that our customers receive a higher concentration of pure worm castings than those producers who use a 1/4" screen. Our worm castings are made in Upstate South Carolina on our family's land. See Our Process