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Naturally Improve Your Plants’ Health with Nature’s Own Plant Food

Our worm castings and organic living soils are produced here in SC to make gardens and plants healtheir and more sustainable.

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Organic Soils

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Earthen Organics Basic Blend | All-natural & Sustainably sourced ingredients

Our Basic Blend is ideal for the hobbyist. With sustainably sourced and meticulously selected ingredients, our Basic Blend was created as a lower-cost alternative for garden by our very own soil specialist. In it we use: locally sourced compost, coconut coir, EO Worm castings, Rice Hulls, Langbeinite, Azomite, Oyster shells, feather meal, fish meal, kelp, gypsum and more.

Earthen Organics C9 Mix | Specially blended mix for great yields

Our Earthen Organics C9 mix was developed by experts for our local growers. It's a high-producing soil to use in your garden.

Germination Mix | Lightweight, Nutrient-packed Seed Starting Soil

Ready to start seeds in 48 hours? Our germination mix is designed to be lightweight enough to allow seeds to germinate quickly but nutrient packed enough to give them everything they need to grow strong. Designed by our soil specialist, it's one of our proprietary blends.

Need a custom soil mix for your needs?

We can do that. We'll customize the blend to fit your growing needs. To purchase soils, check out our list of participating retailers and events below.

Are you local? Check our online store to purchase and pickup soils.

Worm Casting Buckets

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  • 3 quart BAG
  • 2 gallon bucket
  • 5 gallon bucket

They’re perfect for your yard or garden.

Improve the health of all your plants by mixing worm castings into the soil or by brewing a tea to spray on them. And while not all worm castings are created equal, just a small amount of Earthen Organics Worm castings produce great results when amended into soils or brewed into teas. Get larger, healthier plants with thicker stalks, bigger and darker leaves and earlier blooms.

Ready for better, healthier plants? Get EO Worm Castings in a handy, resealable 2-gallon storage bucket. That bucket is refillables for a discounted price at our participating retailers. Need a little more than 2 gallons? Try our 5-gallon bucket. Need a little less? Try our 3-quart resealable bag.

Directions for Use


  • Odor Free
  • Great for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Promotes & Increases Healthy Root Growth
  • High Level Moisture Retention
  • Restores Beneficial Microorganisms to Soil
  • Reduces Pest & Pathogen Damage
  • All Natural & Environmentally Friendly
  • Neutral pH

Worm Casting Bucket Refills

Earthen Organics buckets can be refilled at a discount when you visit us at designated retailers and farmers’ markets. Check out a list of our retailers and participating events below

Worm Castings In Bulk

Earthen Organics soil amendment with worm castings is also available in bulk for large projects. It can be purchased in 55 gallon drums, or purchased by the cubic yard. Please contact us for more information or with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are worm castings?

Worm castings are a nice way to say worm poop. Don’t worry, they’re odor-free! For the science nerds and those who want to know the technical info, worm castings are stabilized organic matter that are produced by the interaction of earthworms and microorganisms under controlled conditions.

How do worm castings make my plants or produce grow better?

Worm castings provide readily available nutrients plants need. Since worms do a majority of the processing, plants can easily and quickly absorb those nutrients and minerals. Worm castings are also full of elements that help fight plant diseases that can be caused by soil and soil deficiencies. They also repel other insects from wreaking havoc on your plants.

What’s the difference between chemical based fertilizers and using worm castings?

Chemical fertilizers are a short-term boost to plant’s growth, but after the initial growth the soil is left depleted and “addicted” for more chemicals. We even joke that worm castings are a rehab for soil because they restore living microorganisms that break down organic matter, providing it with the nutrition it needs to live. Worm castings show faster and stronger growth than plain soil, making plant health sustainable, not just pretty on the outside. 

Because the worms digest and break down organic materials to create the castings, they are in the perfect form to be used in your garden. They’re plant and soil ready without needing additional dilutions or solutions to make them useful in your garden.

Do I order worm castings separately from soil?

Our soils include worm castings. Our soil recipes and our custom blends are made of high quality, nutrient-rich compost and a specifically formulated combination of all-natural ingredients. 

Already have soil and want to add worm castings? Our worm castings, sold separately, can be added to any soil to aid healthy plant growth. 

You can order online here or visit us at an event or purchase from one of these locations!

Can I just add worms to my plants or garden?

As long as they’re regularly fed, yes.

To create your own version of a worm farm, we recommend our specially designed worm towers. Worm towers act as a tiny compost tunnel so you can start your own organic soil fertilizing right in your own backyard!

Great for gardens or spaces without room for a larger setup, we’ll guide you through how to correctly install and upkeep your worm towers. 

How can I order?

Our online store is a great place to start! Check it out here!

Online shopping not really your thing? You can visit us at an event or purchase some of our products from these vendors

Have a bigger project in mind? Contact us directly to discuss details.

Do you take bulk orders?

We offer bulk orders by request. Let us know what you’re looking for! 

I’m not sure what’s best for my plants… What should I do?

Send us a message! We’ve been in the soil industry for a long time and are happy to point you in the right direction. 

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