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Here at Earthen Organics we produce quality worm castings and living soils in Upstate South Carolina. Need a few soil amendments to address soil deficiencies? We’ve got you covered. As a family-owned and operated business we’re proud to be Certified SC Product and WSDA Registered Organic.

Naturally Grow Larger, Healthier Plants Faster with Worm Castings

Proudly Certified SC Grown and WSDA registered organic.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This past spring, we did a trial with tomato plants to compare the effects of Earthen Organics worm castings mixed into the soil versus no treatment. The differences were astounding. The Earthen Organics plants produced a much larger and stronger stem/trunk and also showed a much earlier bloom time as opposed to the regular soil we use. The plants were also approximately 4-6 inches higher in growth at the 3 week mark. We highly recommend Earthen Organics.

Eric Hunter | Hunter Farms, Easley, SC

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You can now purchase our best-selling germination mix online to be shipped or for on farm pick-up.


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Building manure piles to become worm food and compost. My hubby can drive anything well πŸ˜‰ IYKYK.

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Worms love the dark, and we just flipped on the lights.

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