Worm Castings for a Healthier Garden

Bringing life back to your soil

What are Worm Castings?

Worm castings (aka worm poop) are a natural soil amendment that you add to the soil when planting or brew into a tea to spray on plants. With small amounts mixed into the soil, plants grow larger and healthier – it’s nature’s own nutrient-rich plant food.

And for you science-y types…Here’s the actual definition: Worm castings are stabilized organic matter that are produced by the interaction of earthworms and microorganisms under controlled conditions.

Why worm castings?

The Difference is clear

Just a small amount of worm castings mixed into the potting soil of these tomatoes produces a larger, healthier plant with thicker stalk, bigger leaves, and earlier blooms. It’s the natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.

These two tomato plants are a visual representation of why Earthen Organics worm castings are Mother Nature’s plant food. The plant on the left was planted in regular potting soil. The mixture for the plant on the right was 90% potting soil and 10% worm castings. They were planted on the same day, and 3.5 weeks later the difference is clear – the plant with 10% worm castings has a thicker stalk, bigger leaves, and already has blooms. Just a small amount of worm castings mixed into the potting soil produces larger, healthier plants.

We filter our worm castings using an 1/8” screen so that our customers receive a uniform, premium quality product. Our worm castings are made in Upstate South Carolina on our family’s land.

Won’t Burn Your Plants

Faster Growth And Development

Increased yield is due to plant growth regulators produced by microorganisms within the castings. These good microorganisms contribute to the rapid germination and healthy plant growth.
EO Cost Effective


As a fertilizer supplement, worm castings are the most cost-effective solution. A little bit really does go a long way.

Using a mix of 10-20% castings to blended soil will make a significant difference.


Worm castings help form a protective barrier at the microbial level that will keep your plants growing even if they’re exposed to potentially harmful diseases.

All-Natural Plant Food

no chemicals ph neutral

natural pest control

High Moisture retention

restores microorganisms

completely odorless

reduces pathogen damage

nutrients last 5x longer

kid and pet friendly

all-natural ingredients give your plants the optimum environment to thrive.

This nutrient-rich mix of compost and the essential vitamins and minerals supports healthy, hearty growth.

all-natural ingredients give your plants the optimum environment to thrive.

Our Process

Our worm castings are made on our family’s land in beautiful Upstate South Carolina. It’s an entirely natural process, that begins by hot composting horse manure that we recycle from local stables. Hot composting kills pathogens and produces a very fine compost. We then add this compost to our worm bins.

We currently have a 48’ flow through bin. They’re called flow through bins because you add the composted manure and juice pulp to the top of the bin, the worms process it, and then the worm castings flow out the bottom of the bin when they’re ready.

Our bins contain red wiggler worms, which are great for composting. The process takes approximately 3 -6 months. Once we harvest the worm castings from the bins, we use a 12’ rotating trommel to screen the castings — first through a 1/8” screen, followed by an 1/4” screen. The finer the screen on the trommel, the more uniform our product is, giving you the best quality.


Earthen Organics has been featured in The Worm Farmer’s Handbook

Our History

Earthen Organics is a family owned and operated business, producing quality worm castings (organic soil amendment) in Upstate South Carolina. In 2012, Kristen and Anthony Beigay started producing worm castings as a hobby, but in early 2013, Kristen decided to pursue her passion for this amazing product full-time. From these humble beginnings Earthen Organics was born, with an emphasis on family — including an inherited love of worms from a great grandfather (who also had a worm farm) — and an entrepreneurial spirit. Kristen now runs the business full-time with part-time help from her son Caleb, as a soil specialist, and her husband Anthony and their daughter.